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Virtual Escape Room Australia

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Team Building Squad has everything you'll need for the greatest Virtual Escape Room Australia Experience, all in one location. With Team Building Squad in charge of the finest event experience for your team building, date night, friends gathering, or cohesion, you can rest easy at night knowing that everything is taken care of.

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Best Virtual Escape Room Australia Experience, all in one place.

Virtual Escape Room Australia

Wide Range Of Escape Room Themes Available!



Choose from a number of Escape Room themes to make your experience unique! Hunt werewolves, lift ancient curses, travel through time, and more in our Virtual Escape Room adventures! Our Virtual Escape Room experiences are exciting and enjoyable ways to connect with your teammates. Solve puzzles and complete the interesting stories together to complete the thrilling adventures!

Duration: 1 Hour Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief

Minimum Pax: 2 Pax - Unlimited Pax

Instructors: Professional Live Facilitation Included

100% Online: Perfect for Working From Home, Remote Teams

Flexible Event Time Slots: Select From A Wide Range Of Dates & Timings

Benefits: Team Work, Communications, Bonding

Add-Ons: Customisable Corporate Gifts, Catering Delivery etc

Virtual Escape Room

Customisable Virtual Escape Room Australia Package

Looking to customise your very own virtual escape experience for your corporate or school? Contact us for more information!

Customisable Packages

Virtual Escape Room Australia Themes

Collection Of Virtual Escape Room Australia Themes Developed With Passion


Duration: 90 mins

In a quiet little village, dark werewolves lurk in the shadows, attacking innocent people at nightfall. Many have fallen, and the town has never been peaceful. People were afraid of everything - from the dark, attacks, and most importantly, the unknown. It's up to you as the Village Chief's descendant to lift this curse and save the village!


Duration: 90 mins

Based on Squid Game, this thrilling escape room experience is one of our most popular options. You've made up your mind to flee and expose the entire operation after seeing how participants were maltreated by the game organizers. With your team, solve intriguing clues and riddles in order to discover the hidden getaway route! Will you be able to get out in one piece?


Duration: 120 Mins

"Save us, Queen," the faint voices whispered in your head. For days you'd been striving to push aside the old man who had invaded your peaceful sleep. The curse has dogged your steps throughout time, bringing with it traces of your former life. Right the wrongs and save your people. The fates of many lie in your hands.


Duration: 90 mins

Is it possible to travel through time? According to your eccentric uncle, Dr Huber, it is! He has invited you to his mansion for you to see his Time Travel Machine in operation, and he wants to give you the patent. But first, you must demonstrate your skills by using the time machine to go forward and complete various missions from him. Time is running out!


Duration: 90 mins

It's time for the Ultimate Ninja Chef competition! You've been preparing for this event since you were little, and it's time to put your abilities to the test! The Ultimate Ninja Chef must be an expert in a variety of cuisines. To gather secret components for your Ultimate Ninja Dish, go through different cuisines challenges. The winner will be the one who manages to prepare the Ultimate Ninja Dish!


Duration: 90 Mins

Earth has been destroyed, and no one remembers how it used to be. Humans are now living on different planets, and this is all you've ever known. That night she appeared in your dream, revealing your concealed superhuman abilities for the first time. Now that you know about each other, you must locate your fellow superpowered individuals and combine your strengths to restore Earth!

Trusted & Loved By Over 1 Million+ Clients

We provide our clients the highest quality service. We deliver the best event experience custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

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With over 3000 five-star reviews on Facebook, Google and other sites alike; it's no wonder that the majority of corporates around the world are proud to be part of the Team Building Squad family! We have been featured in 60+ media outlets (e.g Forbes TimeOut)  which means you're getting an amazing service at top quality for your money - talk about winning all around!!

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Bring one of the most successful team building provider in this business. We've organised over 30,000 events for more than 1 million happy clients and dealt with a diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies,  Government Agencies, Military, Schools and Consumers.

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We have the only events company in Asia that attained ISO 9001 & BizSafe Level 3 Certifications. We are also proud to be one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe, Asia's Top 5 Most Innovative Companies by MAKERS and most recently champion for Brands For Good!

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